The most innovative inspection software platform ever

Powered by Afspex EyeVision 4.0

Afspex EyeVision is synonymous for “zero-error-production”, quality, intuitiveness, innovation, accelerated machine learning, ultimately ensuring higher customer satisfaction and greater consumer protection.

4.0 is the most advanced release, providing a robust software platform that capitalizing on over 35 years experience in beverage / food / pharma industries.

The inspection toolbox provides almost limitless flexibility to address any application with extra ordinary levels of efficiency. Utilizing state of the art algorithms combined with deep machine learning, our inspection capabilities include but not limited too:-

  • 1D High resolution line scan imaging; X-Ray foreign object detection in all container (bottle, can, pouches, bags, etc) types.

  • 2D Imaging; proprietary color and grey scale algorithms for full surface container inspection. Inspections include:- advanced dimensional measurement (cap position, label, seams, ovality, etc), detailed graphic analysis including pattern match (label, decoration), code reading (DMC, QR, Barcode) as well as OCR/OCV, foreign object detection with deep machine learning, basically all visible, UV and IR based container inspection.

  • 3D profile measurement for vacuum / pressure leak detection and all types of  micron level surface inspections.

  • Thermography; hot melt glue applications (cases), induction seal validation. Additional proprietary thermal algorithms for all heat related applications.

  • Hyperspectral imaging; profiling gas composition in sealed translucent containers.

Our intuitive user interface can be customized to suit specific requirements, including branding, data access, QC, production, themes, etc.