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Inspired by 35 years field experience, our innovated design has allowed us to build one product that successfully executes multiple application options flawlessly. This approach has significant benefits to the end user, providing turnkey affordable inspection solutions.

Utilizing our proprietary Velcalc, Zarmark and Smartrack innovations, we have effectively obsoleted the requirement for traditional trigger sensors and shaft encoders used for container presence and location on variable speed production lines. Apart from the cost and maintenance free advantages, this ability allows the system to be fully portable, with defect rejection not constrained to immediately after inspection.

Our technology has empowered us to reduce and/or eliminate typical utility and environmental requirements. The system only requires power (110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz) for operation, eliminating traditional requirements for compressed air supply, water, air conditioning, power filtration, UPS, ................additional savings to the end user.

The system is extremely flexible and can be configured for a multitude of applications, below are a few examples


The oneCam integrated vision platform provides an inexpensive, X-Ray/Gamma free option for fill level inspection on most translucent containers. Additional inspection features include missing/high cap, 180 degree broken and missing tamper band inspection.


Here the twoCam is used to inspect the integrity of empty (or full) open cans. Inspections include flange damage, inner sidewall and base dent or contamination inspection, content counter, etc. "Plug and play" cameras (2 additional) can be added to expand inspection capabilities to accommodate most applications and requirements.


In this application the threeCam excels as a powerful vision platform, featuring OCR, color recognition, cap/product/label match, fill level, full wrap label presence, orientation and alignment.


The fourCam system can be configured for multiple types of side view inspection applications requiring front and/or back illumination. In the 360 degree label configuration, inspections include orientation, alignment, correct/reverse label, flagging, color and OCR for date code validation.


The 3DPV (three dimensional pressure or vacuum) is a fully integrated leak detection system. Utilizes innovative laser profiling technology coupled to adaptive process algorithms to map the surface of the container with micron level precision.

3DPV oneCam

The 3DPV-oneCam seamlessly couples 3D and 2D technologies providing additional integrity insurance against defective can ends. Multiple 2D inspection algorithms can be utilized for a wide variety of inspections, including tab presence, color, orientation, ovality, surface contamination and seam damage.

The thermCam can be configured with up to four highspeed thermal cameras or a combination of thermal and visible light cameras. The advanced thermal imaging software can categorize hotspots within an image by size, quantity, location and temperature. This system validates case seal integrity at source (ex-packer), effectively preventing pallet loads of defective cases reaching warehousing.