April 2021

Featuring one of the smallest inspection heads in the industry, the Afspex one or two camera inspection head provides a sideview with front/back illumination and/or top view with front illumination. Powered by Afspex EyeVision software, inspection options include:-


  • Bullnose crown

  • Crown/cap graphics

  • Empty can:- flange, ovality, base and inner sidewall

  • Can end; Ovality, tab presence, alignment and color

  • Code reading:- OCR, 2D, barcode

  • Sealing surface integrity

  • And custom applications


  • Fill level:- over, under

  • Foam:- presence, absence, foam compensation

  • Floating foreign object

  • Cap:- Tamper band, presence, color, high/cocked, graphics

  • Container:- Shape, color

  • Full wrap label:- presence, color, alignment

  • And custom applications

March 2021

Afspex technology effectively addresses a challenging application.

The detection of clear foreign plastic materials that do not polarize light (typical inspection method) are very difficult to detect as they provide very little contrast. Most efforts to detect this type of defect result in increased false rejection rates as sensitivities are increased. 

Utilizing our proprietary "Hyperspectral" vision technology effectively eliminates this issue, with zero false accepts or any increase in false rejection.

February 2021

First pictures of the Afspex Raptor platform released. What appears as a user interface is in fact the entire electronic platform excluding cameras and lighting. This advanced inspection platform not only reduces component count, but real estate requirements on the production line are halved with a total machine width at 12" (305mm).

Additional features include no cooling requirements (AC or other), fifty hour battery backup, 15.6" vertically mounted IPS touchscreen, 11th generation Intel processors, WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM enabled.

AFX Concept to reality.jpg
AFSPEX HyperSpectral.jpg

12oz Beer bottle

AFSPEX Raptor Platform.jpg