With the seamless integration of the latest technologies, we are able to radically reduce component count in our system, meaning fewer parts, connection points and reduced assembly time.

We standardized on one common hardware and software architecture that fits all applications. A unique but very effective approach that further reduces our costs associated with production, inventory, training and technical support.

AFX Platform 2.jpg
AFX Comp.jpg

Laser guided raising mechanism with 450mm z-axis travel

AFX Comp.jpg

Compact inspection platform, measures 450mm X 300mm X 50mm. Includes vertically mounted 15.6" Iris multi-touch UI, 11th generation Intel processors with real-time I/O controllers

AFX Comp.jpg

Four horizontal support arms with 100kg load limit provide 400mm y-axis adjustment that can accommodate multiple plug-and-play inspection heads


25 - 300mm X-Ray array


Megapixel cameras


Laser profiler


High speed thermal

Full complement of "mix and match" detection hardware

This architecture facilitates multiple configurable options that provides unlimited flexibility to accommodate and surpass most inspection requirements in the industry today